Lenkbarer Radnabenantrieb Archilles

24 - 48 VDC

Steering: < 400 watts
Drive system: < 770 watts

200 mm (exterior)

ACHILLES brings together two drives in such a way that fuses steering and driving together into one compact unit... advancement through technology!
This is how we achieve phenomenal handling performance, which for example can steer +/- 120° without needing to make a turn. And all packed into a four-in-one AGV, carrying, driving and steering more than 2 tons of load .... it will pass every moose test.

Areas of application

  • Driverless transport systems (DTS/DTV/AGV)
  • Shuttle applications


  • Minimal swivel radius of 200mm
  • Low-slung chassis possible
  • Together with our dual axis controller, PROMETHEUS, there will be no deviation from the driving course
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