Distributors welcome

Mr Pastl, as CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) you are responsible for export as well as the redesigned corporate design.
Gerald Pastl What can you offer potential distribution partners?

Gerald Pastl
The main motive for agents when considering a new deal, is not just to bring a “quality product” into their product portfolio, but also to impress their customers with innovations that offer genuine user benefits and added value.
And so our new tag line, “innovation is our drive”, was actually developed in the company itself and isn’t just a nice saying by a good copywriter.
It is literally our brand DNA that we live by and feel committed to! And this is what we offer our potential partners…

What do you have to offer by way of innovations in comparison to the competition?

Gerald Pastl
You only need to look at the home page of our website where we display our highlights (like gearless motor rollers and wheel drives for AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles).
These are guiding lights when it comes to product solutions, which aren’t just “new” to the market, they create new product categories or make existing drive solutions obsolete – true innovations which are already being implemented and operated by our customers.
True to the motto “why didn’t we think of it sooner?“

And what do you need from new distribution partners?

Gerald Pastl
When we decide to go into a country (or territory) with a agent, then it’s because we have made a clear decision not to open our own sales office for economic reasons.
Other than Germany and the major European states, China and the USA, which we already work with directly, or if not soon will, there are still plenty of gaps on the map which are waiting for our drive innovations.
And we also work on an “all or nothing” partnership basis. We hand the sales activities over completely and therefore ask to be the top priority in the agency’s portfolio, i.e. we don’t want to start out, or end up, being a “byproduct”. In return, our exclusive partners get every kind of professional support conceivable.

What exactly do you mean by professional support?

Gerald Pastl
Well, we match ourselves with competitors who are sometimes up to a hundred times bigger than us in terms of headcount or turnover. So it seems like an unfavourable environment for us…
But, as the saying goes, “the web is the greatest equalizer in the world”, i.e. we intend to remain a (partially) unparalleled solution provider in the field of drive technology with our technologically leading products, combined with powerful digital marketing, and not rest on our laurels.

And what did your journey to “check-in” at MTA look like?

Gerald Pastl
As a civil engineer followed by studying with the Austrian “Marketing Pope” Prof. Kulhavy, I didn’t really have much to do with watts & volts, but my experience ranges from my own advertising agency to international sales of FMCG and manufactured goods, and consulting in sales excellence. But now it’s all about diving further into the very exciting and growing world of low-voltage engineering.

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