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Our mission: Leadership in the innovation of electric drives in the extra-low-voltage (up to 48 volts) and low-voltage (up to 400 volts) sectors. We feel it is our obligation to do this, and it is also the commitment in our tag line:

„innovation is our drive“

We love improving on the drive solutions already out there in the market, in terms of compactness and power density, and this puts us in competition with the big players.
But this is what spurs us on, we’re known for it.
Would you like to become part of a quickly growing team, that stretches from Europe, to China to the USA, and grow with us on the way to becoming a global player?
Do you have high potential and do you want to make a meaningful contribution in a team with above-average motivation?

What awaits you?

Our staff are the best people to tell you that! Before you meet our job interview partners in a personal interview, listen to and read what your future colleagues have to say. And whether it’s sales, engineering, production or marketing that you are interested in – have a look at the interviews with Herwig, Dietmar, Martin or Gerald, and then you’ll know who will be there waiting for you...
And you’ve probably already noticed we are all on first name terms, although we wouldn't want to be confused with a Swedish furniture company…

Edit Eva

Eva Edit
Despite our growth and the new colleagues this brings every month, we can and want to keep our informal atmosphere. And it’s great that the women finally feel comfortable here too - in this male-dominated arena.
That’s not just me, but also the women from purchasing and sales, who regularly clarify open-ended questions with us.
And even though we all live in this region of course, there is a colourful variety of nationalities from the Czech Republic, China, Peru, Moldavia, Turkey, Belarus and Hungary.

Dominique Feuerstein
At the moment I am still finishing my second apprenticeship as a mechatronics engineer and it’s really cool because we also have an awful lot of young colleagues who we can always go for a drink with after work, or talk about cars and football.
That reminds me that my father still owes us another company outing on the race track with KTM X-Bows, and we won’t let him forget it.

Dominique Feuerstein
Phiipp Freller

Philipp Freller
What differentiates us the most from many other producers is our completely “tailor-made” approach to our customers’ needs.
Because while most of our competitors sell all kinds of motors & drives “off the peg” or rather from the catalogue, we approach customer requirements very differently, designing product solutions that the customer often didn’t even know were possible. Many people think that all that matters is a couple of figures, such as torque and revolution speed, but – depending on the use – there are so many complex factors that go into the best solution.
E.g. the friction coefficient between the belt and the motor roller; some customers won’t even know what that means.

Xiaoling Yao
Because we mostly produce customer-specific drive solutions rather than “standard” ones, we often have very special needs in purchasing and have to look for, find and test new, efficient partners. In other words, we need our suppliers to be real “state-of-the-art” technology leaders, just like us.
We buy in from Germany, to Italy, and even China, and so our colleague Ling, as a native speaker, is a huge advantage in discussions with Chinese suppliers.

If you are just interested in fruit baskets, Christmas presents and company outings, then we are possibly the wrong employer for you...
But if you are all about quickly taking on responsible tasks and literally want to grow with us and value flat hierarchies and direct access to the people at the top, then...
Yes, then we are very probably exactly the right team for YOU!

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