24 VDC

80 watts

50 mm (exterior)

The industry standard: EUROPA
50 mm motor rollers are and remain the measure of all things when it comes to standard usage.
The EUROPA is certainly impressive at speeds of up to 0.76 m/s with an unrivalled performance.
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Areas of application

  • Package conveying technology for packages, standardised containers, crates, boxes
  • Sorting applications (as the drive for the ejection device)
  • Drive for the roller conveyor
  • Drive for the belt conveyor and other conveyors


  • From 0 to 0.76 m/s – the range of speed as well as torque is widely variable and so can handle every challenge
  • Available in a 24VDC and 48 VDC version
  • Lifespan of lubricated planetary gear
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