Driven by 24, 48 and 400 Volt - Powering drives from 30 to 5.000 Watt

Latest news

Opening of branch in Nürnberg on 1.06.2019
In order to be able to look after our ever-increasing German customer base better and faster, we have opened a support centre in Nürnberg.
We are putting together a full team of sales, technical and service staff and they will soon be offering the full service package to our customers in Germany.

Background Stories

A look behind the scenes at MTA.

The MTA executive board from the other side
What happens when two men in their late thirties who have been friends since they were young, and who now work for the same company, feel as though senior management doesn’t understand them and doesn’t listen to them…?
Distributors welcome
Mr Pastl, as CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) you are responsible for export as well as the redesigned corporate design. What can you offer potential distribution partners?
A glimpse behind the scenes of production.
Mr Kirchstetter, you took over as head of production at the beginning of 2019. Why take over what is quite a straightforward job with just a few dozen employees, when you have come from a European steel giant where you worked both locally and overseas?


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