Synchronous motors

Why you don’t get an asynchronous motor with us? (*)
Because SYNCHRONOUS technology is in our DNA!

The hype around brushless motors started in the last millennium. Back then, semiconductors were more expensive (N.B. than the mechanical brushes) and BRUSHLESS / BLDC motors were only affordable for extreme requirements.
But constant innovation in semiconductor technology and the increase in performance this brings, is leaving less and less room for traditional asynchronous motors.

It’s all about the controllability!
But as well as lifespan, other advantages of our SYNCHRONOUS technology are improved controllability, high power density and better heat dissipation.

Speaking of sensorless...
We have a wide range of sensors for every purpose, but we run almost all of our motors without a sensor, i.e. sensorless.

Internal motor or external motor, whatever suits you best.

Gearing, as far as the eye can see!
Because of our compact design, the planetary gears can be quite intrusive, but they can also include worm or bevel gears.

(*) P.S. For long-standing customers, and if it’s really the right thing, we will also supply asynchronous motors now and then....

Stair lifts

Stair lifts

More and more compact, that is the challenge for stair lifts. Brushless motors are the only thing that can achieve the desired power density. And since stair lifts are often powered by batteries, the energy efficiency of the motor is of paramount importance.

Mechanical engineering - e.g. panel-sizing saws

Mechanical engineering - e.g. panel-sizing saws

Synchronous motors are ideal for the wide variety of drive tasks in the woodworking industry. Highest precision paired with highly dynamic movement patterns let the synchronous motor show off its merits here.

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